Triple Bears

Layin it out… everything is in the big head phase till I figure out the flow… then detail detail detail! This is a 13′ onsite multi-piece. So far, 4 animals in and many more to go.

Festival Piece

#northstarsculptures #chainsawart #chainsawsculptures #chainsawsculpture this piece is finally almost done. It was a practice piece for a competition in Canada last year. I will be heading to Grey Towers, PA this weekend for my favorite show The Festival of Wood.

Oak Bear

Fully finished 8′ red oak grizzly bear. I use a marine grade spar varnish to protect and preserve my carvings.

Wolf Head Carving

This dramatic carving stands about 6′ tall and features the stern head of a wolf, with dark low lights and the natural white pine showing through in the highlights. Sara carved this in her shop for a client. This piece is not available for sale.


This 6′ sculpture of two wolves has a place in Sara’s heart as one of her most meaningful. This was carved in Ridgway, PA in 2011 and resides at a customer’s home in North Carolina.