Sara uses 5-8 Stihl Saws

Sara enjoys using Stihl brand chainsaws with a variety of bars suited for different purposes.

Bar Oil is Essential

In order to keep everything running smoothly, Sara uses at least a couple gallons of bar oil every month.

Safety Protection is a Must

When you’re around high-powered equipment, proper  safety protection is imperative —for legs, eyes and ears.

Music is Non-Neogtiable

Sara rocks out to a variety of musical styles whilst carving — it helps encourage her creative process.


How do you see a bear in that log?

Sara begins the process by selecting a log — usually pine, and after checking out all the angles and shapes, she gets a feel for what is inside of it.

First she makes some blocking cuts with a saw with a big bar, and as she continues the process of refining, she switches to a smaller saw with a carving bar that has a pointed tip. You really begin to see the piece take shape at this point.

Sara then uses a power gouge bar for texture, and finishes with a die-grinder and sander where needed. You might see her use a torch to burn the wood for color. Eventually, she will apply a marine spar vanish finish or paint the piece.

The Creative Process Detailed

A little more information on how it’s all done.

This is how it all starts.

A big log is often how the process begins. What does she see here? Stick around and find out!

 Shaping & Peeling.

Sara uses a saw with a 20″+ bar to “chase” the various shapes and slices and begin to reveal the overall direction of the piece.

Carving it up.

Close up action of the mid-sized saw as Sara begins to define and refine the shape.

The Carving Bar.

This is called a dime tip because the end of the bar is the size of a dime which allows Sara to fine-tune the elements and details.

Fine Detail.

Sara uses a die-grinder tool to refine the chainsaw cuts and reveal the special details in the sculpture.

Burning & Brushing.

A torch is used to burn the wood and give color, contrast, and show texture, and is then brushed to smooth and soften the piece.

what we CREATE

Carving nature is my passion.

Bears, wolves, owls, birds — all the flora and fauna in nature — encompass most of Sara’s work. She is always up to a challenge and is willing to work with you to create a custom piece for you. From carving your beloved pet, to creating a bench for your garden, Sara has done some really interesting and unique pieces.

Carhartt Bear

Sara carved this awesome bear  holding an axe for Kittery Trading Post in Maine.

Wolf Sculpture

Sara was privileged to carve this wolf in Japan at the 2nd Takacho Chainsaw Carving Event.

Pub Table

Sara builds these bar height pub tables which can feature a variety of animals.

Our awesome clients

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Sara is an amazing artist and a wiz with a chainsaw. She is particularly careful with the finishing on her work, and produces remarkable sculptures!

Anne Schwartz

I recently purchased 3 pieces from Sara. She is amazing. So very talented! I highly recommend catching up with her.

Lisa Gunderson Babb,

I saw Sara at the Wood Festival at Grey Towers. She does amazing work! Check out her chainsaw artistry!

Ellen Silberlicht

Our Team

It takes a lot of work to keep this family operation running, so it’s always good to have a few hands to help out in the process.

Sara Wojtowecz

Chainsaw Sculptor

Sara is the creative genius behind the chainsaw. She’s not afraid to get covered in sawdust and hands dirty in order to create.

Jake Wojtowecz

Chainsaw Guru

Sara’s amazing husband, Jake, keeps all the saws up and running and helps Sara during some of her shows.

Joshua Petrillo

Graphics Guy

Sara’s brother, Joshua, handles keeping the website up, taking photos at shows when he is in the area, and helping with anything Sara needs graphics-wise.

Rhea Winter

Social Media Consultant

Sara’s daughter, Rhea, helps with keeping the Instagram photos and stories updated and advising Sara on trends and what’s new.

The Feed

Here are some of the projects we have done over the years.

Finished this 13′ multi-carving sculpture in May of 2017.
This 6′ sculpture of two wolves has a place in Sara’s heart […]
An early abstract
Connect with us

Contact us

If you are interested in having Sara come and carve at your festival or gathering, or if you would like a custom piece carved — either at your home or a freestanding sculpture — please get ahold of us today!

  • (518) 848-8130
  • We are located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY